Sending goods abroad has never been easier, cheaper, and more convenient! Introducing Karton Express, Thailand's leading international delivery platform that offers seamless shipping services to various destinations around the world. With a commitment to providing the lowest prices, a wide selection of carriers, and hassle-free processes, Karton Express is revolutionizing the way you send parcels overseas. Discover the advantages of this exceptional service that ensures cheap and fast deliveries, all in one place.

Send Parcels Abroad: Cheap, Fast, and Easy

Karton Express simplifies the process of sending parcels abroad with its user-friendly platform. Whether you're shipping to America, Germany, England, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Korea, or any other place worldwide, you can rely on Karton Express to offer the lowest prices and the largest selection of carriers. What's more, you can enjoy tax-free shipments, making it even more cost-effective.

Start Sending Parcels Today

Experience the convenience of sending items abroad effortlessly. Karton Express provides a seamless experience with a quick and easy process. By visiting our website at, you can check the price and get a quote for your shipment within seconds. Simply enter the destination country, province/state, district/city, city name, zip code, and postal code, along with the parcel details, and the system will display the price instantly.

Why Choose Karton Express?

  1. Save Your Time: Reduce the time and effort involved in transportation, allowing you to focus on building a strong brand and growing your business.

  2. Special Price for Bulk Delivery: Enjoy special pricing for bulk deliveries, whether it's shipping by air or sea, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses.

  3. Tailored Solutions for Regulars: Karton Express offers transportation solutions designed specifically for your business, helping you reduce transportation costs and streamline operations.

  4. Multiple Providers in One Place: Gain access to over 40 carriers in a single platform, enabling you to compare and select the best shipping option for your needs.

  5. Streamlined Paperwork: Say goodbye to the hassle of handling paperwork. With Karton Express, simply provide details about the contents of your package, and the team will take care of documenting the invoice and packing list on your behalf.

  6. Lower Shipping Costs: By leveraging Karton Express's special shipping rates, you can significantly reduce your shipping costs compared to traditional methods.

  7. TAX Worry Free: Send your items with peace of mind, knowing that recipients won't have to pay additional taxes or fees. The TAX Worry Free system ensures a hassle-free delivery experience.

  8. Convenient Parcel Reception: Worried about the hassle of parcel delivery? Karton Express offers a complimentary service to pick up parcels directly from your doorstep throughout Thailand, making it even more convenient for you.

  9. Nominee Importer Service: For FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or warehouse shipments, you can leverage Karton Express's nominee services, eliminating the need for a recipient at the destination.

Karton Express is transforming the way you send goods abroad with its exceptional international delivery platform. Enjoy cheap, fast, and reliable shipping services to destinations around the world, all in one place. Say goodbye to complicated paperwork, high shipping costs, and tax concerns. Experience the convenience of Karton Express and start sending your parcels effortlessly. Visit today and discover a new world of hassle-free international shipping.

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